Strixmarine stabilized thermal imager marine night vision camera. Heat camera. IR camera.

 Thermal vision new standards

Strixmarine thermal imager night vision heat detector cameras utilize unique technology to perfectly stabilize a high-resolution image even on small vessels and rough sea conditions. The camera systems are designed to be used for various demanding marine applications like SAR (Search and Rescue) boats, law enforcement vessels, high-speed patrol craft, work boats, fishing boats, cruise ships, commercial vessels and other types of vessels.

The camera can provide equally clear, high resolution video feed at 50Hz frequency in total darkness, as well as in bright sunlight. You can even see through smoke and fog.

Camera is gyro-stabilized in two axes to counteract the motion of the boat or ship and providing a live video feed that’s stable to 0,01° of its central axis at accelerations of up to 9g. The algorithms adapt to the situation and any possible vibrations. The system works instantly upon being powered up and needs no calibration or special setup.

Camera is controlled in two axes- pan and tilt. User can choose either dashboard installation, or wireless, portable control unit. Control is provided by proportional joystick. Pan coverage is 360° continuous.

 Strixmarine stabilized thermal imager marine night vision camera. Heat camera. IR camera.

 Controllers, designed to match your needs

There is question every time, where is the best location to install the camera control unit, so that pilot, navigator or operator can reach it from their seats. Especially it can be complicated in harsh sea conditions, when conventional, fixed controller is not easy to operate.

Solution is here: wireless, portable remote controller for all Strixmarine cameras!

  • wireless
  • long-range
  • compact
  • rugged design
  • one handed operation
  • USB rechargeable
  • dimensions 88*145*33 mm
  • weight 250 g