2006 – It was established with the idea that Kutlay ÜNLÜ (İTÜ DEN FAK.1999 Güverte) and Sinan APAYDIN (Construction Engineer) reside in Çanakkale and will be able to benefit from their presence in Canakkale in 2006.
Çanakkale has well-evaluated the maritime companies and the shortcomings they have experienced in the area of service to the boats / vessels belonging to this company and has concentrated their efforts in this direction. In this period, YDDO has become a well-known company in the Çanakkale region and has become a well-known company by undertaking gemilere, transit of the throat, notic broadcasting, map and navigational material.
2007 – Ideal technology – i-ais KLAS B brand / model product from i-Marine Deniz Teknolojileri company has been entered into the area of marine electronics by receiving Çanakkale and İstanbul regional dealerships. This area was opened successfully in 2008, 2009 and 2010, İstanbul Branch was opened, high sales figures that were caught in the region dealership duties, customer satisfaction and distributorship, sub-dealer agreements in various regions. By managing customer relationships well, he has added many new clients to his portfolio.
The increase in the customer portfolio has led YDDO to acquire dealerships for new electronic devices, and has received many electronic firms’ franchises. It was able to produce instant and quick solutions to all the needs that may arise in this respect.
YDDO is able to equip all the gemilere develte A’dan Z’le with new construction boat / ship equipments, now with the fast growing sector dynamic solutions since establishment, and to provide quality service with its extensive service network.
2010 – Amimarine UK and YDDO have been in VDR market for years.
It also carries out advisory services with the consultancy services and the services of making all kinds of document processing of the boats and making them ready for seafarers. Our company is continuing with the services of its three subcontractors, subcontractors and authorized dealers in Çanakkale (branch), Istanbul (center) and İzmir (branch) cities with experienced maritime staff.
2011 – With the BNWAS Authorized Dealership, which is derived from the Danish Origin Uni-Elec Company, in relation to the BNWAS product which will be made mandatory for all commercial ships, it will now mention its name among the shipowners.
2012 – Increasing awareness of YDDO in the sector with the representation of YDDO with Danelec Marine AS and the representation of the world’s number one VDR product in the world …
The future of FLIR THERMAL CAMERAS, SCAN Antennas, COMNAV Autopilots …


YDDO Senior Management has been prepared in line with the purpose of our company and is constantly influencing and improving the management policy. The communication and understanding of all levels of our company were strengthened. Our company reviews management policy annually for continuity.



Our Management System Policy covers quality, occupational safety, and corruption policies. Our employees with effective and continuously improving the quality of work known by all the maritime sector in Turkey has adopted the principle of being an acclaimed business. With our quality policies, we implement a system that is planned forward, applied correctly, controlled correctly and continuously improves its targets. As is known in Turkey, we need to collect the attention and earning their trust of the companies that we represent abroad.


  1. Following nowadays maritime electronics business activity improvements,
  2. Improving and updating their knowledge with in-country and abroad trainings,
  3. Improving their service quality and service,
  4. Managing business processes based on customer needs,
  5. Constantly adapting the improving philosophy,
  6. As management and employees, there is a zero-tolerance for corruption and bribery,
  7. Adapted a work safety and environment management system.

YDDO is a bridge company between Turkish and World maritime companies which liked and known by them. Our company also reinforcing the continuous education and expertise of the most important elements in our system, people,



Our mid-range target:

The products we represent in Turkey, making them indispensable with our sales consultants and customer visits.With our customer portfolio our products must be turned into materials that provide our customer needs and this profile must make our corporate a wanted company.

Our long-range target:

To provide the services we offer in our country under the name and quality of YDDO in one or more of the important international ports.



With the globalized maritime sector, our company wants to be a corporate which provides high quality service with correct products with correct timing and with correct methods who are supporting and providing sectors needs by confidence.