NW 6000



Netwave S-VDR’s unique characteristics

The Netwave S-VDR series are an entirely new generation of Ultra Compact S-VDRs, designed with emphasis on cost-effective installation and ease of use.

On today’s market, this system provides the smallest footprint, the lowest installation cost and offers the ship-owner the option to not merely consider the S-VDR system as a mandatory necessity, but provides management -tools and -data to improve transparency in the ship’s overall operational performance.

Fixed capsule for VDR & S-VDR

As one of the leading manufacturers of Hardened Storage Servers, Netwave has developed and is manufacturing its own HSS. The capsule is unique in the marketplace today; with the integration of the complete Central Processing Unit and Data Storage Server into the armoured stainless steel (A316) capsule, connected to other system components via one single cable only!

Compliant to IMO resolution A.861(78) for VDR and S-VDR systems, IEC61996, IEC60945 and ED56/112:

  • Fire resistant to 1100 °C during 1 hour and 260 °C during 10 hours.
  • Data memory pressure cylinder resistant to 20.000 PSI/600 Bar/6000 meters depth during extended periods.
  • Color: RAL 3026 (fluor red) for SOLAS compliant ships. Other RAL colors available i.e. for mega yachts.
  • Stainless steel A316 deck mount with optional welding plate delivered within a standard package.
  • IP66 WaveNet Quickconnect toolless connector, single wire connection to PSU (Power Supply & network Switch Unit).
  • Memory 8 Gb: 4 Gb (protected) + 4Gb unprotected for incident recording. Minimum of 12 +12 hours
    recording time. Additional memory (optional): 32/64/128 Gb for longer recording times or an extended number of recording channels.
  • 8 Gb protected memory Capsule optional.
  • Totally Solid State, no disk drives or other moving parts.
  • Weight: 27,5 kg. (48 lb.).
  • Size: diameter 220 mm, height 350 mm.
  • Netwave is manufacturing its own capsule for other OEM brands as well.