• Auto Learning using Intelligent Steering Technology — IST

• Auto Setup — automatic drive detection, automatic pilot calibration& automatic compass compensation

• Auto Sea State adjustment for reliability in all weather conditions

• Sunlight Viewable TFT LCD or silver backed high contrast monochrome LCD

• Work Mode — Superbly suited for professional performance on vesselsrequiring ultimate rudder response

• Adjustments can be made “on the fly”

• Advanced Power Features include automatic helm bias, automatic leewaycontrol for minimizing course errors due to wind and tide

• Automatic Thruster assist for dead-ahead slow or station keeping (option)

• Proportional Rate Control to provide gentle smooth response at fastcruising speeds

• NAV Mode provides adaptive precise track steering

• NMEA 0183 input/output ports

• Quick Turn Selection — continuous circle, U-turn, Emergency MOB to steer the Williamson-Recovery turn

• FISH ZAG to allow the sport fisher to mimic the actions of live preymore closely

• Simple touch 8 button illuminated keypad• Multi-language capability configurable in English, French, Italian,Spanish and Icelandic

• Universal Mount — surface mount, flush mount or bracket mount

• Waterproof — Control head to commercial grade IP67 standards

• CE compliance for EMI and RFI immunity

• Extended 3 year warranty